The iPhone Hacks The iCloud

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The iPhone Hacks The iCloud

Any read of Aegis has seen our comments about security and the cloud – THERE IS NO SECURITY IN THE CLOUD. Yet again, we are confounded by another attack on cloud computing. Via the ‘find my phone’ app hackers have been able to gain access to persons phones. The hackers now block access to your records and hold them, or access to them, for ransom. – give us money or we will continue to block your access to your phone and your cloud data. The hackers cannot only block access, but they themselves have full access and can also read and manipulate the information and even erase all your information.

Everything we seem to own has a computer in it. Recently, I rented a car and the car tried to sync with my cell phone for my contacts and music play list.

January 16th, 2014 Security Researchers from Proofpoint found more than 100,000 Smart TVs, Refrigerators, and other smart household appliances compromised by hackers to send out 750,000 malicious spam emails using those “smart” appliances.

So – you’re still using the cloud? – argh. Kate Middleton’s phone was hacked 155 times by News of The World and she did not know it at the time of the hacks. If your phone is linked to your cloud storage and your phone is hacked – boom! the bad guy is in and has access to all you have stored on the cloud.

I watched a “proof of concept” demonstration where using RF transceivers that were part of a sensor array a remotely and wirelessly exploitable memory corruption bug was inserted and through one of those wireless sensor nodes. With access to the sensor nodes compromised, the user was able to access not only the central IT facilities but … the company’s cloud storage. The demonstration took less than 20 minutes.

There are more holes in the cloud than there are with a real cloud. Stop using the cloud for secure storage.

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