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Home Plan:$149.99/year (http://www.iyogi.com)

The difference between the computer amateur and the computer professional is that when something goes wrong the amateur tries to fix it and the professional calls the help line. If you are at work, and work for a large enough company, you can call the support desk. But what do you do at home?

At the end of last year we came back from a four month absence, and discovered that while we were away one of our guests had made our computer non-functional, apparently by simply pushing the off button on the computer (which also served as a mail server, and was normally never turned off) each night after he had finished doing whatever he did online.

I somehow ended up calling iYogi, which one of the other people staying at our place thought was Microsoft. In fact, iYogi has over 500 Microsoft Certified Technicians, is staffed 24 hours a day, and offers Dell, HP, and Microsoft support. The technician took over my computer, and managed to deal with the missing internal registration (whatever that is) that was preventing the machine from booting.

If you have a technical problem with your computer, and don’t know where to turn to solve the problem, iYogi is a great resource!

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