Jammed Networks

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Jammed Networks  

Business travel for Executive Protection teams requires building relationships and having excellent communications. We come to depend upon things like cell service and WiFi networks being open and working. What we are becoming aware of is that each has capacity issues, especially WiFi. WiFi technology was designed to serve a limited number of connections. With a large number of connections, or heavy data usage over a few connections occurs, they can overload WiFi and other wireless services. Ever try to get cell service at a sold‐out football game or in a traffic jam?

If your charge is planning a meeting with many WiFi‐using attendees, you need to consider the many factors that may prevent you from delivering reliable service. If you are at a large gathering and all heck breaks loose, what alternative means of communication do you have available to you when cell and WiFi and jammed up?

Two suggestions. Radios, hand held or car mounted, and if the budget allows, satellite phones. As always, you should have enough of your plan mapped out so that even without electronic commutation abilities, you have runners, information drop, pick up locations, and contingency plans in place. It doesn’t take much effort, but we can’t become too dependent upon technologies that get overloaded (and run out of electrons every now and then).  

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