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In the June 2004 issue we discussed the KeyController, which allows you to put things in plastic boxes that, once sealed, can only be opened by breaking them. Because they have become increasingly useful to us, we decided to discuss them again, lest their utility be overlooked.

The Key Controllers are .75 inch deep by 4.75 inches by 3 inches. They come in two flavors: One is opaque blue and the other is clear.

In the majority of cases you don’t care whether the contents are visible, so the choice of which to use is random: You merely want to be able to tell, after the fact, whether or not the box has been opened, which you can tell by the fact that it has been destroyed.

On the other hand, there are cases in which you either don’t want anyone to know what is in the box (in which case the opaque case would be appropriate) or you want everyone to know what is in the box (in which case the clear box is the appropriate choice.

ÆGIS, April 2006 9While the obvious use for the Key Controller is to hold keys, we have also used them to hold passwords, instructions, and the occasional small item. In all cases the goal is to make sure that we can tell, after the fact, whether or not the case has been opened.

The idea of a one-time use container is one of those ideas that is so obvious that we wonder why we didn’t think of it ourselves. Fortunately, someone else though of it, and it is readily available. We believe that if you give it even a little thought, you will discover that you have uses for the Key Controller, too.

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