Knives for Carry

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Knives for Carry

As mentioned in the previous article, we had two knives stolen from our luggage on a recent trip. We considered this to be the perfect opportunity to see if there were any better choices available as replacements. After careful investigation, we realized that there were no better choices for our purposes, and have, at substantial cost, reordered both knives. We also felt that this would be an appropriate time to re-mention them here.

The first knife is the Smith & Wesson SW911 First Response knife (see full review in the February 2003 ÆGIS), made by Taylor Cutlery. Although not suited for daily use, it is perfect for cutting seatbelts and other things during an emergency. It is an incredibly sturdy knife, and can be used as a light pry bar. The newest production run now includes a clip. This obviously allows you to clip the SW911 to your clothing. It also allows you to fasten it to a lanyard, which can be important if you are working in a place (such as in the water) where dropping it would be a problem. If you need a rescue knife, we believe this is the best choice currently available.

The second knife is the Mission Knives MPF1-Ti (see full review in the July 2006 ÆGIS), which can be seen at Because of its price (and lack of easy availability), and because of the wide variety of excellent general purpose folding knives available, this knife will not fall into the must-have category for most people. But if you are involved in protective services and need to carry a folding knife, we believe this to be the best choice currently available.

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