MailWasher Pro Version3.0

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MailWasher Pro Version3.0.

We don’t generally re-discuss products we have reviewed. But the release of the commercial version of MailWasher, which can be found at warrants a mention. If you get e-mail, and are disturbed by spam, MailWasher will be your new best friend.

As before, MailWasher allows you to view e-mail headers on the server (which is faster than actually downloading the e-mail), to mark users as friends or put them onto a blacklist, to identify email with viruses attached, to “bounce” e-mail so it appears to the sender that your address is incorrect, and to create simple filters to move spamers to your blacklist.

As before, you have the option of responding to spam manually, or automating the procedure so that e-mail from those on the blacklist are bounced and deleted without your even seeing that the e-mail was sent to you. We recommend doing it manually, partly to make sure you haven’t stuck a friend on the blacklist by mistake, and partly for the satisfaction of watching it being bounced and deleted.

As you would expect of a commercial package, the cosmetics have been improved, plus a technical problem relating to inappropriately terminated headers appears to have been fixed – at least it hasn’t shown up again. At $29.95, MailWasher Pro seems a good bargain.

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