More Bogus Venezuelan Bonds

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More Bogus Venezuelan Bonds

This may actually be the final story on Venezuelan Bonds – but I doubt it.  This time the story has morphed with some truly amazing schizophrenic tones.

Our group was asked to assist a person who wanted us to help them get money from the people to whom they lent a 25 million dollar V-Bond.  The bond was lent to set up a bank and an insurance company in an Offshore Financial Center [OFC].  Knowing OFCs we do – the only place these bonds would pass for having any value is in “Wonderlandastan”.  The borrower of the bond had claimed to the lender of the bond that he had been successful in setting up a banks and insurance company and would pay the owner any day as a result of this success in using the V-Bond. Well, heck… that was months ago and the prospective clients wanted the money.

So – as we get the assignment it was for us to collect money for a fraudster who used a Counterfeit of a Fraud V-Bond to raise money that the prospective client had produced?  Thanks – even that would make the White Rabbit’s head spin – too much for him to wrap his ears around… To us, it looked like more jail terms than players.

Our analysis of the circle of frauds was summarily rebuked, and then we were told that we had no idea of what we was talking about – blah, blah, blah, blah…..  and “…since the bond was issued in US dollars the bond was guaranteed by international treaty by the Federal Reserve…”

And as all readers should know, the US Federal Reserve cannot guarantee the value or authenticity of a foreign bond…

OK in short – nothing new but new bond pictures and documents for our discerning reader

V Bond 78-25 Million


V-Bond Summary















V Bond Reverse






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