National Background Checks for $25.00?

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National Background Checks for $25.00?

You see the ads sent to Human Resources Departments, National Background checks for only $25.00.   Really, for only $25.00 someone has a database that can check each and every city, county, state, federal, and tax courts in the nation for only $25.00.

There are over 30,000 incorporated cities
There are 3,077 Counties
There are 94 Federal Judicial Districts

Cities typically have a single municipal court, but in New York there are many branches of the same court.

Counties typically have a justice or lower court, a superior court with the superior courts typically broken down into criminal, civil, domestic and probate.

Each Federal Judicial district has a civil court, criminal court, bankruptcy court, and appellate court.

Let’s not forget that several other branches of government have enforcement capabilities. In the United States, administrative courts are tribunals within administrative agencies, and are distinct from judicial courts such as the Securities Exchange Commission, Internal Revenue Service, Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA, etc…

So let’s do a bit of math first.

City Courts                  30,000
County Courts            15,385
Federal Courts                 376
Total Courts                45,761

Now, how many of these courts are computerized? Many courts are computerized and represent a lion’s share of the US population, but most defiantly all are not computerized.  Another factor to consider is how many charge a fee for each and every access and do not allow bulk access to their databases?  A good number in particular those courts in the big states that have budget issues. Last, several states do not allow online access to criminal records and require a person to go into the court and request the records.

We are just discussing courts and have not even touched educational credentials, professional licensing boards, local media, social media, …

So what are the odds that any of the sellers of a National Background Check for $25.00 have a real nation wide background check for $25.00?

Yeah – I thought so…

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