National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 1-703-274-3900

May 25th is National Missing Children’s day in both the U.S and Canada. While for many this day will pass un-noticed, for others it will mark the most critical event of their lives. It is a day – and an issue – of which we should all be aware.

If you are concerned about a child that might be abused, or if you have a child and are concerned for their safety from abduction, this is the web site for you. Everything anyone – parent, cop, attorney, or reporter – would want to know about this subject is to be found here.

If you are a parent you are likely to want to read Personal Safety for Children: A Guide for Parents at, or to download a copy of Know the Rules…Abduction and Kidnapping Prevention Tips for Parents at

If you are interested in the state of the art in analyzing the problem you will probably want to read the NISMART-2 National Estimates of Missing Children of October 2002, which can be found on the FAQ page ( untry=en_US&PageId=242#0).

This site is a must-read if you want to inform yourself on this subject, get the best ideas on how best to protect your children from these rare threats, or if you need to deal with it professionally.

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