No, You Do Not Do EP Like The Secret Service

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No, You Do Not Do EP Like The Secret Service

In June I was in San Jose California meeting some of my team members for the upcoming IBA training conference in Arizona this August.  One of my team members was staying at the Fairmount Hotel.  I met our people at the lobby bar and was stunned to silence.  Now any of you who have met me in person know that is not small accomplishment.

The whole of the lobby areas was filled with security people moving about and setting up for something.  There were nothing but Local Police, Sheriff’ Office, Fire and Paramedics, with a bunch of guys and gals in suits all in motion and very busy.  The only people who can muster this much talent is; a law enforcement conference, free stuff for cops, or the President of the United States.

The next morning security screening was set up at the front door of the hotel, now the only access and egress with metal detectors and bag check x-ray machines.  It was just like at the airports with the exception of no boarding pass and you could have liquids but they as well as all of your other stuff, had to go through the x-ray machine.  One more different and a big difference – the Secret Service – now everywhere – were exceptionally polite and very thorough.  A very nice addition.  We chose to leave the hotel and get our work done elsewhere as it was actually very districting watching all of the security professionals work – call it professional curiosity or an amazement at the shear density of law enforcement and security all well tasked and organized.

When exited the hotel and went around back of the hotel to visit a grocery store and pick up some items for dinner as we were going to a near by building and offered to cook for our host. We had to walk through a perimeter that extended  from between one half a block to a full block away from the hotel.  No cars only pedestrians.   As we made our way we spoke to a Fire Rescue team from the City – I think they were from the city- that was going to be stationed there all night long as a “just incase” measure

After dinner we returned to the hotel late, walked the perimeter, met the very nice and professional screening staff, and had a drink at the bar. What an impressive show of force and talent. I am guessing well over 100 Police and 75 Secret Service, 15 to 20 Fire Rescue, tons of hotel security not including those that went on and off shifts as I am guessing this was for about 36 hours until POTUS left San Jose to visit with the Premier of China in Palm Springs.

No one does it like the Secrete Service, not you, not the IBA – no one.

This Executive Protection article was written or edited by Baron James Shortt, the Executive Director of the IBA.

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