Nobody ever got fired for hiring IBM

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Nobody ever got fired for hiring IBM

We are particularly good at finding concealed assets: In an average year we are usually looking for somewhere in the $600-$800 million range of stolen or hidden assets. And two of the three most popular downloads from the ÆGIS Web site are Debt Collection from Small and Medium Judgments & International Asset Location and Recovery (which is the September 2006 special issue), and Location of hidden assets in divorce proceedings in the March 2000 issue.

Sometimes, however, we are only hired second hand. As an example, a while ago we were approached by a firm to participate in a recovery effort, but they ended up giving the job to a firm significantly larger than LUBRINCO. That firm in turn sub-contracted the job to us (we are better at finding concealed assets than they are). We found the loot, and were paid the same fee as if we had been hired directly, so we were happy. The larger company probably marked up by a factor or two or three and was able to deliver the loot, so they were happy. The client got the loot back, so they were happy.

And yet, we would still be happier still if you skipped the middle man….



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