Nutritional supplements while traveling

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Nutritional supplements while traveling

Traveling can be stressful under the best of circumstances. It can disrupt sleep patterns, move you quickly from time zone to time zone, subject you to environmental changes and stressors, expose you to a wide variety of new germs, reduce your opportunity for exercise, separate you from your accustomed environment, and change the way you eat.

These stressors can have an adverse effect on your health, which means you must be especially careful when you travel. Under the best of circumstances, many of us benefit from taking nutritional supplements. There are two reasons for this. First, many of us eat poor or unbalanced diets, leaving us nutritionally lacking. Secondly, many of us eat food that comes from places that have been over-farmed, so that the soil has become depleted, which means that the food produced there is not as beneficial as it was a century or two ago.

The bottom line is that many of us should be considering taking nutritional supplements of some sort. But what sort? We have recently read literature that makes a convincing case that supplements taken as compressed pills tend not to be absorbed as well as powdered or liquid supplements.

The literature seems sufficiently convincing to us that we have switched from our former regimen of pills to taking a capful of liquid vitamins. At the recommendation of several friends who have some expertise in this area, we are at present taking Natures Plus Liquid Source of Life (

We are also taking, at their recommendation, other supplements they feel appropriate for us, and have added liquid minerals on our own. Since we do not feel particularly well qualified to act as nutritional counselors, we will stick to the conservative recommendation that you consider liquid vitamins as part of your health plan. And investigate other liquid supplements as you feel appropriate to your needs.

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