Offshore Financial Services, an Introduction/The Offshore Money Book: How to Move Assets Offshore for Privacy, Protection, and Tax Advantage/ Alert and Inside Bermuda

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Offshore Financial Services, an Introduction

J. Kevin Higgins

Counselors, Ltd. 1 (242) 322-1000. ($22.00)

The author is a well known offshore professional, regulator, and instructor. This book is an important tool for anyone who either wants to use offshore financial services, or to understand how the whole “offshore tax advantaged jurisdiction” thing works. The book is a comprehensive treatment of the offshore industry, and includes the development and history of the offshore concept. It also contains some of the best material describing structures, their histories, and how they are to be formed that this reviewer has ever read. This book is well-focused and is already an important reference in this reviewer’s library.

The Offshore Money Book: How to Move Assets Offshore for Privacy, Protection, and Tax Advantage

Arnold J. Cornez, priced at $18.00

NTC/Contemporary Publishing

The book is a direct and comprehensive treatment of offshore, or tax advantaged, financial planning. Unlike many other books that are a mere come-on or a thinly-disguised advertisement, this book is educational and a must for any person looking to use the offshore realm for financial planning reasons. This is a revised edition of an already well known book. This reviewer has seen this book in many offshore regulators’ offices: This book is used by them both as a reference tool and as a teaching aid for their supervisory staff. It also contains a priceless review of all current offshore financial centers, plenty of telephone numbers and internet resources (both in print and on a disk that comes with the book) for research and self study. The author, Cornez, has long been a champion of compliance with laws and of scam busting. It is a good read and a great reference book. It is priced fairly and is worth every dime.

Offshore Alert and Inside Bermuda

David Marchant, Offshore Business News and Research, Inc.

OBNR is run by David Marchant, an international investigative journalist who specializes in busting liars and fraudsters. As a direct result of his work, regulators from Isle of Mann to the Cayman Islands have taken action. That is how well thought-of are his newsletters, and is testimony to the accuracy of the information. OBNR can be found at The newsletters are the Offshore Alert and Inside Bermuda. He has also compiled some very impressive data bases on Bermuda and Cayman legal cases that not even the governments of these islands have computerized. OBNR has also thoughtfully compiled a searchable index of previous issues so the subscriber can search previous issues and find information that is truly not available anywhere else. If you are doing business offshore or working in the “tax advantaged” jurisdictions (as the EU likes to call them), his publication, and access to the legal records he has thoughtfully compiled, is a must.

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