Online Resource Guide for Law Enforcement

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Online Resource Guide for Law Enforcement

Tim Dees

Prentice Hall

ISBN 0-13-018685-6

This book covers the internet and why you, as a cop, should use it. It touches on hardware, internet service providers (ISPs), Outlook, e-mail, newsgroups, and a host of other miscellaneous items. The author, Tim Dees, has created a niche explaining technical issues to non-technical cops. He has done a good job to show why things are as they are as opposed to just telling you what they are. The many links in this book should be useful not only for law enforcement, but for prosecutor and defense attorneys, as well as public and private investigators.

The book, however, is aimed at law enforcement. It used to be that the “computer cop” was the one who could reboot a PC after a registration error or the blue screen of death. Now all cops, whether at the station or in their patrol vehicle, have to be computer literate just to stay even. For the beginner to the world of computers, little practice on the PC with the Online Resources Guide at hand can be a great help in getting up to speed.

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