Pass the salt…

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Pass the salt…

Some time ago one of our clients bought investment property in the southwest United States, on which they intended to build apartments. As often happens, this planned development did not bring universal joy, and it was reported that there were artifacts on the land, which would disqualify it from its intended use. A quick check revealed that there were, in fact, artifacts to be found.

What to do? Being less than trusting over the coincidence of hitherto unnoticed artifacts and antipathy to the project, the obvious answer to this question for us was to bring in an archaeologist.

The archeologist confirmed that there were, indeed, artifacts on the site. Some were indigenous, some were Egyptian, some were Greek, and some were, well, you get the picture.

Now, we think that the idea of salting the land with artifacts to remove it, at least for a while, from the construction list, was a very clever idea. Mixing artifacts was a trifle less clever. Although the perpetrators get two snaps for the idea, the buildings are up and our client is happy.

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