Psychology and The Internet

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Psychology and The Internet

Edited by Jane Gackenback

Academic Press 349 pages

Psychology and The Internet is a well laid out book that asks the right questions. It is a scholarly look at how we as people, world wide, use and react within computer mediated communication (CMC). The keenest insight, if I can synopsize a book in a few words, is impact and change. The book discuss thoroughly how CMC has affected our lives, how we have reacted to this impact and how we have changed: Change centered around CMC. The impacts and changes they have wrought are discussed as both positives and as negatives. The target audience for this book is anyone who regularly communicates over a computer, who teaches communications, who is part of an HR department, or is curious about future trends and the relationship between us, our computers, and the world. A serious read that asks and answers some serious questions.

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