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The NSA has de-classified a historical document, PURPLE DRAGON: The Origin and Development of the United States OPSEC Program. Although as heavily and annoyingly redacted as are most declassified documents, it is still must-read information for anyone in any business that faces the potential loss of revenue through loss of critical information. This means pretty much any business, particularly in these difficult economic times.

While we suspect that, just as most people and organizations will not feel any need to exercise due diligence, most people and organizations will not feel any need to take adequate care in protecting their critical information. We also suspect that the losses, currently estimated at $300 billion annually for American companies, will increase.

If, however, you have been thinking about protecting your critical information and stopping this avoidable economic drain, we hope that this document will spur you to think about taking action. And to call us to help you do so.

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