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20 Questions On Competitive Intelligence

1. Does your company have information that could be of value to a competitor? 2. Do you know if your company is a target?

3. Do you know what your competitors know about you, or what is being targeted?

4. Do you take reasonable measures to protect your confidential information? 5. Does your company have an OPSEC policy? 6. Who is responsible for it? 7. Does your company have a CI manager or a responsible unit?

8. Do you receive warnings in time to respond regarding threats against information?

9. Do you know who in your company is dealing with sensitive / confidential information?

10.Do you know who in your company has access to the company’s sensitive/confidential information?

11.Does your company partake in events such as trade shows, workshops, and seminars, where employees could be approached for sensitive/confidential information?

12.Do employees have a mechanism to report any contacts initiated by other persons seeking any type of sensitive/confidential company information?

13.Do employees report any attempts at eliciting confidential company information?

14.Are employees dealing with sensitive/confidential information approached or headhunted by competitors?

15.Are the procedures for the handling and storing of sensitive/confidential information known to all employees?

16.Did all employees, including the security staff (contract staff) received instructions or attended an awareness seminar regarding the threats against information?

17.Do employees receive regular updates regarding new threats, virus information, etc?

18.Does your company have a countermeasures or TSCM policy?

19.Does your company have a personnel vetting/background verification policy or procedures for you staff, including security staff?

20.Does your company have a mechanism for dealing with employees’ personal problems?

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