Really Dumb Ideas, so we shall mock them.

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Really Dumb Ideas, so we shall mock them.

A) Counterfeit Tickets

At a recent “celebrity event – ticket were sent in advance.  Now for many younger people this was the great event for their years.  The tickets had no numbers another then being very nicely printed – they had no security features.  120% of the tickets issued were honored resulting in a fire code violation, evacuation of the venue and much litigation…  The young promoters definitely needs some of us old grizzled entrepreneurs….

B) Encryption smitchion

January 14, 2009

Stupid Security Tricks: Key Management

It’s smart to encrypt USB memory devices, but it’s stupid to attach the encryption key to the device. Health bosses today admitted the memory stick was encrypted, but the password had been attached to the device when it went missing. I’m sure they were so proud that they chose a secure encryption algorithm.


C) Don’t mess with toll both takers..

The top of the list are Florida toll booth takers – you cannot make this up…. In an effort to stop the receipt of counterfeit bills the tool booth takers allegedly refused to take some large bills, then allegedly threaten and detain  motorists who wish to use large bills and call the police.  On top of this outrageous behavior it appears they spent 32 K in forms alone to prevent less than 16K in counterfeit bills – no doubt choosing to be secret service wanna bees instead of toll takers.  When the prevention costs more than the cure – it is time to stop people!  Oye!

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