Sales versus Privacy

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Sales versus Privacy

An interesting issue arose over discussion about Executive Protection when your editor was visiting Nassau, The Bahamas. Our man in Nassau was showing us some of the different luxury water craft that come to stay in theBahamas, in season, and noted that most of the vessels layouts were available and any VIP who thought the layout of their boat was fully private could be very surprised how much information exist not only on that model but even on the specific custom built vessels. A few of the deck hands and us debated this back and forth until our man, Mr. Newry, pulled up on his laptop computer full layouts and interior photos of several of the vessels in port.

It seems in the effort to represent and sell the vessels, either from the builder’s perspective or the Yacht broker’s perspective full disclosure with elegant and detailed pictures were used coupled with schematic layouts of the vessels. One of the sites is We suggest you take a look at some tremendous vessels and how much information is used to sell the vessels versus home much information you might wish to have available on you or your charges vessel. No drooling!

As for us we use a 10 x 10 blue tarp to obscure the layout of our “luxury yacht”. One day, should we get a larger “yacht”, that way less tarp will drag in the water and slow us down.

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