Samsung NX1000 Camera

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Samsung NX1000 Camera

I have gone through about 10 digital cameras in 15 years.  All under a three hundred dollars. I take pictures for fun, for work and just to remember places I have been and seen.  My first was the Sony Mavica and it was Ok for its time.  Actually I have it and my kids are using it.  I went through number of point and shot pocket cameras and they all were OK, with the exception of the Sony Bloogie.  All took OK photos and all died for one reasons or another.  One died when I slipped and fell into the San Pedro River with it.  All photos recovered from memory stick, camera sent to be recycled.  All had a dwell time between when you wanted to take a picture and when it wanted to take the picture.  The Sony Bloggie was and is the worst of the bunch.  It takes good pictures but the light and its attitude have to be correct. Also about one in 15 photos that had perfect conditions are ever so just out of focus.  This is very frustrating and caused me to stop using the Sony Bloggie.

I went looking for a new Camera and purchased the Samsung NX 1000.  It is more camera – sized – than I wanted – but the trade off has been worthwhile.  The body is the size of a pocket camera but with semi traditional lens on the camera body.  I have tried the camera in many locations in many settings and under many conditions. My backyard, my family, travels to several countries and the little camera is a trooper.  All of the  pictures for the article and, reduced for sake of memory, were taken with the Samsun FX 1000.

The camera also has a number of handy features to allow you the user to choose things such as full auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, lens priority, magic frame, cool filters such as fish eye, vignetting, negative, soft focus, half tones, defog, sketch, you can also choose scene settings such as night time or sports.  And to be really cool and can automatically sync with your computer through wifi.

It also comes in a few camera body colors, I choose white. Price $350 to $560 depending upon where I have looked.

So far I think I have my favorite camera yet.

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