Secure Mobile – True Encrypted Communication

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Secure Mobile – True Encrypted Communication

Voice interception is not an if, it is a where and when. If you think otherwise – your thinking is very faulty.

So you say your calls are not interesting enough to intercept, I get that. You may be ordering pizza to arrive when you get home, or talking about sports, or even just a friendly call from your sis or mom.   If that is the extent of you calling, I get it. This is not for you.

But what if you are a lawyer working on a case worth millions of dollars – those are every day cases in most law firms. Or what if you are a venture capitalist known for having the goods on new companies, or a police officer discussing a case, or a medical doctors speaking about high profile patients, or an executive protection professional working to keep their charges safe, or a contractor discussing bids you plans to submit, or a business owner discussing strategies to increase market share at the expense of a competitor? The reality is that for $1,500 worth of equipment – I was shown how to intercept cell calls in my local cell tower’s area. I could hear both sides of conversations. Mind you a vast majority of the calls were in fact very dull, some were so dull you wanted to find the people and slap them for using up good cell time, but a few were more interesting including what appeared to the discussion for a bid on a construction project and a woman contemplating an affair. This all in 20 minutes, sifting through about 400 calls with primitive equipment. You are not secure.

This is why we went looking at several different vendors of technology and I landed on one I and our team really likes. It is called Secure Mobile and it uses SiRRAN’s patent pending Hybrid Secure Calling and Encrypted Core Technology. With Secure Mobiles app on my iPhone (Android is also supported) all of my out going conversations are encrypted to Secure Mobile’s servers. If I am calling a non-secure phone – the link from their server is unsecure.   If they are also a secure mobile user – it will also be secure.   This is true in both directions – all of my Secure Mobile chatter is secure between their server and my phone.

Secure Mobile - How It Works
Secure Mobile – How It Works

Secure Mobile can connect through any 3G or greater network and or through any wireless connection.

The app is super easy to use, you can do conference calling, it will import all of your contacts for calling when you are traveling. They have mobile cloud service and you can request a Secure Mobile Telephone number from just about anywhere in the world.

I have attached their two pager on the service – honestly I cannot recommend this service strong enough for all of us professionals that in a time and place, we must absolutely have secure communications.

Also – there is NO BACKDOOR. This impressed me as if there was a backdoor – once any hacker was able to figure that backdoor out – well it is like having a key to all of the conversations at once. I am not worried about government – but I am very concerned about commercial espionage, OPSEC and Competitive Intelligence for all of us. Go check out Secure Mobile.


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