Sharing the news in China

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Sharing the news in China

As part of the Olympics, hotels providing Internet access are being required by the Chinese government to install software to capture everything you send and receive. While those who travel regularly to China always assume that everything they do or say is monitored, it is possible that those coming to China for the Olympics may not be aware of this. Many hotels will show a pop-up window warning users that their activity will be monitored. However, it is possible that not all hotels will do so.

Therefore, if you are going to China for the Olympics, be aware that everything you say, do, write, and read will be being shared with others.

For most tourists this is not much of an issue: Everything they do will be as tourists, and completely above board. However, for those of a more political bent, or those engaging in business activities or dealing with sensitive commercial information, it is prudent to watch your step.

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