Sorry About That Boss

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Sorry About That Boss

This is the last thing you say before you are out of work.  This is also about the only thing that could be said by those at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas and Prince Harry’ s personal security teams – sorry.

Most of our clients have more money and more power than they know what to do with – and that is fine by me.  As it is our job, not only to protect their lives and skin, but also reputations and wallets so they keep the money and the power and continue to employ us.

Who took the photos and why was a cell phone camera anywhere near this man?  All could have been easily searched as they entered – not like they had much on, and their bags could have been searched too – not just by hand but also with a simple wand.  Didn’t bring a wand – borrow one from a local agency – or the metal detection wands are even sold at WAL-MART – they only cost from $90 to $250!


What else is the same size as a cell phone camera?


.22 Derringer, up to 3 shots

.45 Liberator, 1 shot

.45 Intimidator from puzzle pieces

Knives of all sorts – even the titanium ones that get past most metal detectors

Grenade disguised as a cell phone!

Street drugs or poisons

A pack of genuine Marlboro’s

and other deadly things.


This was red cheeked moment for a young man – but two big black eyes for the his personal security team and the Wynn security team.

What to do in similar situations for your future encounters!


1. Assemble some gear

• If you have a VIP – bag all of the cell phones and cameras in a Faraday Bag and give gusts a safety pin with a number corresponding to their items.  Cost for faraday bags from $50 to $200 – safety pins and numbers, deminimus.

• Hand wand – top of the line $250.00

• Spy camera finder, also finds sniper scopes, $80.00

• Chance to frisk some very attractive young men and women – priceless.

2. Set up the safety zone a perimeter both physical such as the pool area of the hotel room, and search those entering and exiting.   Also set up a mobile perimeter – greymen and women in appropriate attire mixing with the crowd.  Yep, in swimsuits and having fun all while all the time watching those around your charge.

3. Pack up lots of good manners and rehearse how you intervene to stop all of the situations that can occur and how to stop offenders – even if they mean no malice.

4. Clear cameras and goodies as people leave.


I am sure the person who had a picture of Harry in the pink – made a small fortune by selling the rights to the picture.  Even those who had no malice can be tempted to sell pictures or sell information when the price is high enough. We are all human and economic creatures. 

This Executive Protection article was written or edited by Barron James Shortt, theExecutive Director of the IBA.

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