SpyWarn – App

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SpyWarn – App

The SpyWarn app from Kevin Murray and Associates is $2.99 and is a gem of an app.  Not sure if that virus software you installed on your phone is catching everything?  Well it’s not!

Professionals in the anti-spy ware and anti-virus business admit that they only catch about 70% to 80% of the threats.  This is normal – as they only see mal-ware that has been around for awhile or grows so large so quickly they become obvious.  Teams of people searching an ocean of data and of scripts and of programs only see those that stand out in way that are familiar to known mal-ware properties.  If the program is new or does not have these properties it may be some time before it is recognized as a threat.

From Kaspersky:

Throughout 2012, 99% of all mobile malware detected by Kaspersky Lab was designed to target the Android platform. During the year, Kaspersky’s Internet security experts identified more than 35,000 malicious Android programs.

The reasons for the huge growth in Android malware are:

 1. The Android platform has become the most widespread operating system (OS) for new smartphones – it has over 70% market share.

2. The open nature of the Android OS, the ease with which apps can be created and the wide variety of (unofficial) application markets all have an influence on security.

If you think about it that’s 100 new threats per day.

So what are the bad guys after?  They are after your information.  They want bank contacts, log in, where you have been, and maybe even to listen to and see what you are doing while you think the phone is off.

SpyWarn works through an algorithm that combines technical and subjective data to compute a threat level.SpyWarn looks for what the mal-ware is doing, much like a security guard looks for suspicious behavior.

SpyWarn has a real-time Eavesdropping Alert. The alert displays silently when the microphone and transmitter are on at the same time. This is a clear indication that eavesdropping is in progress.

All information collected by SpyWarn and is not shared with the manufacturer stays on the owner’s phone.

Kevin Murray and Associates is a long time TCSM expert actively supporting ASIS and OPSEC to help keep you and your IPCI secure.

For less than the cost of a gallon of gas – go buy this.


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