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As readers know, we are very concerned with medical issues. One of the things we carry with us is the Tac-Pack concealable trauma pack (http://www.traumapacks.com/). This vacuum- packed kit will fit comfortably in a coat pocket, and contains:

Protective Gloves

Gauze sponges

Roll bandages

1 and 2 inch Tape

Transparent dressings

Protective N-95 Respirator Mask.


In case of an injury, you:

Step 1: Open Tac-Pack by tearing along tear notches.

Step 2: Pull out contents.

Step 3: Put on the protective gloves.

Step 4: Break open sterile gauze and apply to wound.

Step 5: Open large dressing (Abd Pad) on top of gauze.

Step 6: Open sterile roll bandage to secure dressings or use 1 or 3 inch supplied tape.

Step 7: Apply transparent dressing to gunshot or stab wound.

Step 8: Put the n-95 Respirator mask on the victim if there is smoke or a cloud of particulate matter (we assume you carry your own smoke mask – see August 2004 issue of ÆGIS).

You never know when you will need emergency medical tools, but you can be sure that the need will be sudden and unexpected. As an example, the other day this editor was at a dance, and someone fell, somehow creating a surface wound from which a surprising amount of blood was pouring. While we are sure the dance school has first aid supplies somewhere, within a minute we had the wound properly bandaged, and the victim was headed off for more professional treatment.

Thus, while we tend to think of these as supplies for major accidents or traumas, like a shooting, a stabbing, or an automobile accident, the likelihood is high that they will be needed in a more benign situation. While this case was clearly not life-threatening, dealing with it promptly and efficiently because we had the materials at hand kept the situation from getting worse.

The Tac-Pack retails for $20, but they will give a discount to ÆGIS subscribers (or you can look for a discounted source on-line). At this price we are hard pressed to see why you would not to have one available.

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