The Last Remake of Due Diligence

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The Last Remake of Due Diligence

• 2008 – HOT TOPIC, TRENDING NOW SERIES. BEING PROACTIVE. As the new regulatory regime takes hold with increasing requirements for due diligence. (Thompson Reuters Brochure or flyer – not sure which is which).  Why is informed choice making more important now as opposed to before?

• July 2009 – Due Diligence as a target process to model and execute. (Eclipse Community Forums)  Really, whisky-tango-foxtrot, we execute due diligence?

• Jun 6, 2011 – Many broker/dealers have hired new staff to conduct due diligence. (Wealth Management)  Here due diligence is used neither as a noun or verb, try inserting “car” or “run” for due diligence.

• Nov 16, 2012 – Fortunately, new due diligence tools are giving businesses and counsel improved capabilities for managing risk. (Metrocorpcounsel) Due diligence does not manage risks, it identifies risks.

• Jan 29, 2013 – Merrill DataSite Announces a New Article “Due Diligence Tips for SMEs … will enable owners to gain a balanced perspective on the topic.  We should all have a balance perspective on a topic, especially if we have no idea what we are writing about.

• Lexis Diligence creates a new standard in conducting legal due diligence. Go beyond just credit scores and watch lists–to develop a 360-degree assessment … Did not Hurricane Katrina create a new standard for 360 degree assessments, especially on New Orleans.  And why do we need 360 degrees of assessments, when 180 of those degrees look back at where we came from not where we are going?

• “Due diligence” is a somewhat technical phrase used to describe a range of assignments, legal obligations, reports and investigations that take place in business, manufacturing and law.  (Wise Geek) What utter over simplified drivel. This is close to the most inaccurate and misinformed and misdirected verbiage on due diligence see to date.

• We are pleased to announce you that the European IPR Helpdesk has issued a new fact sheet on IP due diligence. The knowledge of this intricate topic is fundamental for organizations having the purpose to acquire IP, raising capital and seeking financial assistance. Although IP due diligence is a precondition for any capital investment, it can be helpful for enforcing IP rights and reducing the IP-related costs as well. In a few words, IP due diligence can be considered as an essential process when developing an IP strategy. (European IPR Help Desk).  Two suggestions, if you write in English please also find an editors who speaks English, second it is not an intricate topic nor is it required to raise capital nor is it a part of any IP stratagems.

Due diligence is nothing more, and nothing less than, doing your homework on all representations expressed and implied on a matter or topic before making a choice. By gad that is incredible, and insightful, and right on topic.

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