The Retail Manager’s Guide to Crime and Loss Prevention

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The Retail Manager’s Guide to Crime and Loss Prevention

Liz Martinez

Looseleaf Law Publications ISBN: 1-889031-66-6 211 pages $29.95 1-718-359-5559

One of the nice things about our reviews is that we often get sent material in fields not related either to high-risk endeavors, yet of intellectual interest to us, and practical interest to at least someone with whom one of our readers might be dealing. When something like this crosses our desk, we are delighted to receive it, to read it, and to recommend it.

One such book is Liz Martinez’ well-crafted Retail Manager’s Guide to Crime and Loss Prevention. While we have only peripheral contact with the world of loss prevention – and that only very rarely – we nonetheless recognize its importance in protecting the bottom line against attack on already-slim margins.

While a good primer for anyone, Ms Martinez’ book is aimed at the smaller retail establishment, where there is no loss prevention department. The suggestions are concrete and implementable at costs reasonable to the risks. The book is broken down into broad areas covering internal theft and external theft, the latter including workplace violence and sexual harassment issues, as well as basic issues dealing with doing business on the Internet.

We found this guide to be readable and informative. It would be a good recommendation for any retailer without a loss prevention department, or for a manager who wants to understand how loss prevention works.

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