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The X-Tag system is designed to track objects – people or things. It consists of a small transmitter, which can be imbedded or secreted in almost anything – it can even be swallowed – and two flavors of tracking receiver. The short- range tracking receiver is good for up to 350 feet, and the long-range tracking receiver is good for up to 25 miles – 40 if you are airborne.

The ability to hide a small transmitter reduces the chances of it being found, particularly if it is not being looked for, as might be the case with goods or objects that you fear might be hijacked or stolen.

In the case of people being kidnapped, there might well be an expectation of a monitoring device. In this case, it is not unheard of for a victim to be stripped of all clothing and possessions, re-dressed in different clothing, and hustled off into the mists. In this case, no matter how cunningly hidden, the device, once discarded, is no longer helpful. Even if its removal triggers an alarm, if you are unable to close off the area in a very short period of time the best you will be able to do is to recover the discarded device.

In this situation – stripped of clothing and possessions – a transmitter that has been swallowed will prove to be of value. There are, of course, some obvious problems. For a start, the device will stay in your alimentary system a relatively short time, and will have to either be recovered and cleaned, or simply flushed and replaced. And the range will be somewhat less.

What does this mean in real life? Well, imagine that you had someone who was going to be in a risky place – Colombia, Mexico, or Iraq, for example, where there is a real risk of being kidnapped – but they will only be there for a few days. In this case, since the transmitters are under $300 each, the cost is not prohibitive, especially when compared to the cost of a recovery.

Twenty-five miles may not seem like a lot, but the assumption is that when the short-range receiver indicates that the person or object has moved beyond the 350 foot radius, you will immediately begin tracking and following using the long-range receiver.

This system has enough advantages to be worth considering.

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