Travel nutrition

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Travel nutrition

Because we travel so much, health is a constant preoccupation of ours. Some parts of this equation become fairly obvious fairly quickly: It only takes one bout of cholera to learn the importance of potable water and clean food.

Nutrition has been a significant consideration in our quest to stay healthy while traveling. Two of our editors have taken different approaches.

The first is Made-to-order daily supplement packs from Vuru . We came to Vuru after trying pre-packaged supplements from one of the big national health food chains. While their packs were fine, if we wanted to add anything different we were back to carrying additional bottles. This was a step backward, so we turned to the Internet.

We found Vuru on the web and ordered custom made daily vitamin packs. We put in the daily packs just what we wanted to take, in the size and amounts and makers of the supplements we wanted, not what some large dictatorial company told us we could have or take. In fact we liked the packs so much that, while we originally got just for the travel, we have dropped the bottles forever.

The Vuru systems is easy to use, and allows to choose from many different makers of supplements – from well know national brands to highly specialized and niche makers. Further, if you seek a supplement they do not carry, they will try to carry it just for you!

The packs for most are small and about 3 x 4 inches and are a double sealed zipper lock pouch. The pouch is sealed against tampering and from small people opening them. I tested with our four kids, the six year old could not open it, the 9 year old could not open it and the 11 year old tried twice, and then resorted to a quick snip from scissors. Once opened, the packs can be resealed with the zipper portion if you take your supplements at different intervals. The daily packs are organized into weekly packs so when you need to grab and go, you can. Your order also comes with a printout on each supplement with detailed information as well as a picture of the tablet.

The second approach was brought on by the belief of that editor that liquid supplements are more easily absorbed than pills. This means that we take the more bulky approach of carrying bottles with us, as well as some capsules where the supplements are not available in liquid form. Putting aside specialty products for the moment, there are three important supplements we carry and recommend for you. The first is a liquid multi-vitamin, in this case Nature’s Plus Source of Life Liquid Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplement.

The second is Res-Q 1250 Omega-3 capsules. These pharmaceutical grade distilled capsules (they also offer Res-Q 1250 as a liquid for the same price per dose, but the capsules seemed more convenient to us) are more potent (750-850mg Omega-3 fatty acids per capsule) than others we have seen (300-600 mg/capsule), so you need only three Res-Q 1250 capsules to get the recommended two grams of Omega-3 fatty acids. Since Res-Q 1250 comes 200 per bottle, this makes Res-Q 1250 significantly more cost effective than its competitors of equal quality. We get Res-Q-1250 from Optimal Health RSQ, who will give you a ten percent discount on orders over $99 if you go to and use the discount code AEGIS on checkout.

The third is Embria Health Sciences’ EpiCor® , which balances the immune system. In the two years we have been taking EpiCor we have not gotten so much as a cold. As with Res-Q 1250, we get EpiCor from Optimal Health RSQ, who will give you a ten percent discount on orders over $99 if you go to and use the discount code AEGIS on checkout. You always get a better price for quantity purchases at Optimal Health RSQ.

Whether you take the convenient Veru packs or the less convenient but more bio-available liquid vitamins, we urge you to adopt one of these approaches when you travel. And even when you don’t travel.

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