Traveling by Private Jet

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Traveling by Private Jet

So what do you need to know when selecting a private jet company and their jets when carpentering?

Private jet charters, over the past few years, have increased in popularity. More and more of the wealthy are eschewing the commercial life for the ease and efficacy of private jet travel.

Select a company that has been around awhile with a good reputation. Alternatively, you would also benefit by selecting a firm that is run by veterans of the air charter world.  New companies may not have all of the relationship well established with the different FBO around the world and or may not have sufficient credits to operate as smoothly as one might want. Check their license, insurance, the list of pilots they might provide and the tail number of each aircraft.  Check EVERYTHING.

Once you have selected a company, while there are still a large number of jets to go around, you will want to make sure that you make your reservations early.  Also ask for pictures or floor plans of the jet that you would be chartering. Be come familiar with the aircraft choices before you even go and look at the aircraft.  Many wonder why you need all of this information.  In reality there are many good reason, but the most important is to know what to expect. – Period.

The cost of chartering a private jet is high and each layout of a jet is reasonable custom. If you are spending the money to charter a private jet, you will want to make sure that it is exactly what you want. The last thing that you want to do is pay a relatively large amount of money and board the jet only to see that it wasn’t exactly what you expected – or worse not what you client expected.

Also by examining the floor plans or pictures of a jet will let you know if you there will be enough room for you and your needs. One often associates private jet charters with just traveling.  But we all travel for reasons and those reasons differ.  There are many individuals who charter a private jet to head to a business meeting and others who wish to do so for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway. Those who are traveling for business may need to do a little bit of work. If it is work, you need a private jet that is accommodating to work or a business meeting. If you are traveling for luxury and romance, the client may want a more romance setting for the trip.

If there is a refusal for this information – you just got a hint that you need to find another company.

If the travel is international insure that each person has a valid passport and the Visas required, either upon arrival or obtained in advance are ready.  Since may of our teams are international – it is wise to posses this information advance of any trips.

On bodyguard had not traveled in a bit but had been an excellent member to travel with.  An assignment came up and he was asked if he wished to travel – the answer was yes – so he was scheduled.  Upon boarding the jet, it was noticed that his passport has expired.  This would have been caught by a commercial airline – but not a private charter.

Make sure you have full information about each airport you are stopping at and each FBO that you charter company will engage.

Know how you will travel when you arrive at each location. Know you drivers in advance.  Rarely are their vast rental car fleets at FBO’s

If your schedule is unknown – let the pilot know this.  If you are planning to be in one city for 48 hours – great.  The pilot may have a beer with a hamburger, but cannot fly for at least 12 hours after consuming alcohol.  Communicate with the pilot and let them know the reality of what the plans.

So what is the future of private jet travel?  Very bright.  With the ability to fly in and out of more than 5,000 public use airports in the United States – more than 100 times that of the airlines – air charter provides more convenient access to any given destination. A 22% over all growth in the world market with the EU and US leading the way.  One big change is more and more are considering the private jet as a tool not just for business but for leisure too.

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This Executive Protection article was written or edited by Baron James Shortt, the Executive Director of the IBA.

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