Undercover – 2nd Edition/ Digital Detective

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Undercover – 2nd Edition

Motto and June

CRC Press

http://www.crcpress.com/ 1-800-374-3401

This is an excellent book. It takes the reader throughout the career of Carmine Motto with his service to many communities, different branches of law enforcement and several operations. The stories told are entertaining and clearly illustrate the points made in the text. They are not all success stories: No career can be completely successful unless you’re lucky, make one bust, and quit. But, rather, through successes and failures the points, and the importance of police undercover operations, are demonstrated. Sections of the book include chapters on working with informants and setting up and conducting undercover operations. Tactics are discussed throughout the book, preparation is strongly (and correctly) emphasized, and attitude and psychology for the undercover officer are presented. This is a strongly recommend purchase for anyone training undercover agents, and a strong buy just for the readability of the book. Well done Carmine Motto, Dale June, and CRC.

Digital Detective

CBT Training 1(800) 482-0211

This is a comprehensive interactive CD for the high tech investigator. It covers hardware, software, networks, computer safety, hacking, investigative training, computer forensics, and current laws. It contains approximately 1,200 hours of training for the computer investigator, and has some real benefits over a classroom. The student can go back over the material if it is unfamiliar, and skip those areas with which they are familiar. We had three different professionals review the CD: An attorney, a computer expert, and an investigator. The attorney skipped the legal sections and went right into the computer and software stuff. The computer expert ignored the stuff on hardware and software but real enjoyed the section on law and investigations. The seasoned investigators said that if one in 10 cops, prosecutors, or judges knew some of this stuff it would make his life a great deal easier in trying to get computer crimes prosecuted.

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