Upcoming Events Reminder Service

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Upcoming Events Reminder Service

Specialized Consulting Services

http://www.speconsult.com/services/events.html +1-818-980-6990

Those who travel internationally need to be aware of holidays and events that might affect their trip. And if you’ve done much traveling you know that avoidable surprises can happen very easily if you haven’t done your homework. While the information you need is readily available if you know where to look, it takes some sophistication of effort to find what you need. In a corporation where many travel, it is better to have an outside source provide a vetted list, rather than tasking an overburdened (and perhaps underqualified) assistant. Using a reliable outside source saves all parties involved a great deal of time, and increases the chance of the information being current and reliable.

Our personal choice is the Upcoming Events Reminder, which we get quarterly from Specialized Consulting Services, the good folks who provide us with the monthly Traveler’s World Threat Map and the daily Travel Advisories Subscription Service that we discussed previously.

The cost is $500, annually, pre-paid, for either the quarterly or weekly versions, or $900 to subscribe to both. Combining the quarterly and weekly subscriptions provides significant advance notification of upcoming events via the quarterly, with the benefit of the weekly’s reminder and inclusion of additional events that have been scheduled after the quarterly has gone out.

If you get a subscription by December 15th, they will give you a complimentary 1-year subscription to the Traveler’s World Threat Map, which would ordinarily cost you $50. Just tell them when you subscribe that you saw the offer in AEGIS (and no, we don’t get anything from them for doing this).

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