Vietnamese Root Kit

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Vietnamese Root Kit

This Vietnamese Root Kit, which is also known as the M-Root Kit Mobile Hacking Tool, was developed in  Vietnam.  It is a nasty bit of work as it allows even  marginally sophisticated hackers to hack.  The primary target of this device has been personal bank accounts.  The bad guys are using the tools to perform account takeovers and to drain  accounts of all funds. Banks are particularly at risk, but so are businesses or institutions without up to date protection.

M-Root Kit Mobile Hacking Tools


Defacements Page Creator

Admin Page Finder

ASP Shell Maker

MD5 Cracker

SQL Scanner

Gmail Hack

These are some of the drop-downs you can find on the menu bar.

The M-Root Kit Mobile Hacking Tool explains in lay-mans terms what it was designed to do and how easy it is to use. It is also very easy to get a hold of this software.  You can search for it online.

This toolkit is causing harm, but at the same time  it allows us to harden our networks against these new products on the market and their hacking attacks.  Yes, it is frustrating that our defense software quality needs continuous upgrading, but something that has to be done in order to protect both the individual and mass interest.

We are sharing this information not to promote the toolkit but to promote awareness of it and other programs like it and to hopefully provoke some action against such schemes.

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