Vopt 9

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Vopt 9

Golden Bow $40.00

There are two easy ways to maximize the power of your computer. The first is to have as much memory as possible, and the second is to have your hard drive as defragmented as thoroughly possible.

In this article, we will deal with the issue of defragmentation for the home user. While there are different sets of tools available for servers, for the home users we believe the best choice is Golden Bow’s Vopt, now in its ninth incarnation. We started using Vopt in the ‘80s, probably with version one, and suspect we have the original installation disk tucked away in a box somewhere in our storage space.

Vopt has gotten faster and better over the years, and now includes a host of features which generally don’t concern us. What does concern us is Vopt’s ability to defragment a hard drive really quickly. This it does.

If you wish to maximize the speed of your home computer, we strongly urge you to look at Vopt.

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