William Joseph “Doc” McCarthy Communicorp Inc DVD’s

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William Joseph “Doc” McCarthy Communicorp Inc DVD’s

Exercises in Report Writing

William Joseph “Doc” McCarthy Communicorp Inc DVD, plus work material $195

Acquiring Control Using Minimal Perceived Force

William Joseph “Doc” McCarthy Communicorp Inc DVD $195

One of the top trainers in hospital and healthcare security is William Joseph “Doc” McCarthy of F.T.W. Enterprises LLC. We are fortunate in that he has put out two DVDs, one on report writing and the other on controlling aggressive subjects using minimal perceived force. While aimed at the healthcare industry, both of these – particularly the DVD on report writing – have wider application within the security industry.

Report writing is a critically important skill for a number of reasons. It helps people know what happened and it is a protector against liability, both for the organization and for the security officer. (If it isn’t written down, and it makes you look good, it never happened.) It is also a skill that is often poorly taught. This DVD presents a variety of scenarios, and is accompanied by paperwork discussing what should go into a report. We consider this video to be a must-own training device for any serious security department, whether in the healthcare field or outside of it.

Acquiring Control Using Minimal Perceived Force is an equally interesting video. In some security departments the function of the security officers is to present deterrence by their mere presence, and to be the best witnesses possible in case of an incident. They are NOT there to take physical action, and in many cases a laying-on of hands is a firing offense.

In other environments there is the potential need for the laying on of hands, with the goal being to minimize the likelihood of anyone being hurt, and the simultaneous goal of minimizing the perception of force, or at least of excessive force. Both the subject, as well as onlookers, should feel that the force used was both minimal and appropriate.

This video gives a variety of control tactics which are learnable, retainable, and appropriate for use within the hospital/healthcare environment, and in other environments in which it is appropriate for the security people to touch other people in the line of duty. Appropriate training in appropriate tactics is a much better option than merely having large guards. While size can be all that is needed in many cases, this is largely a matter of the luck of the draw. As an example, this editor falls into the frail and elderly category, but it would be a mistake to assume that larger size made for a fair fight, particularly since a fair fight by definition indicates poor planning.

If you run a security department in which physical contact is allowed, prudence and good practice says that this DVD, too, should be in your must- own-for-training collection.

If you run a healthcare facility and have not hired Mr. McCarthy to do some of your training, then shame on you.

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