Wireless Security Systems Can Be Hacked

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Wireless Security Systems Can Be Hacked

There has been a recent flurry of articles on wireless computers and computer security but it has come to light, with very little surprise that wireless security systems can be hacked.

In a recent demonstration several different wireless security systems set up by big name companies were hacked and laid bare.

The hackers were able to disarm the system, set off false alarms, change access codes and the most disturbing, they could see what the security camera’s saw.

The Security DVRs are also vulnerable to hackers and have actually been hacked not just to view or erase video but some were hacked to provide computing power to mine Bitcoins.

20% of the wireless IP cameras will authenticate you with ‘admin’ without requiring password. If the wireless IP camera is setup with a user-configured password, simple brute force could hack the password that is limited to 12 characters. But it does not matter so much as a majority of the cameras have firmware vulnerability that allows an authentication bypass. Even though patch and upgrades have been issued, less than 1 or 2 percent have been upgraded.

What is wicked is that hackers can take control of an office computer that can see the wireless security camera’s signal and high jack the video stream from the wireless camera – deep inside a building and have the live video feed come to them through the compromised computers connection to the web.

Hard? Nope. The tool to do this is free on the web and helps automate the process. It can be found at github.com and is called “getmecamtool”.

The problem is real and severe – entire systems of security can be by-passed by someone who wants to see your manufacturing facility, monitor who is coming and going to meetings, and or watch you at home.

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