Xcaper® Civilian Smoke Mask / Dictionary of Strategy: Strategic Management A-Z

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Xcaper® Civilian Smoke Mask

Xcaper Industries, LLC




There are a lot of things that keep us up worrying about our clients at night. One of them is a concern about smoke, which is why we have reviewed smoke masks in the June 2001 and October 2001 issues of ÆGIS. The Xcaper Civilian Smoke Mask – the civilian variant of the mask made for emergency service workers – is a good addition to our lineup, and well worth considering.

The mask itself feels like a beanbag placed over the mouth. It comes vacuum packed, and is very compact. When you open the bag, you need to massage the mask for four or five seconds before removing it from the package. This re-distributes the aloe vera gel that helps the carbon monoxide, cyanide, acrolein, nitrogen monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and other byproducts of a fire to be adsorbed. There is also a set of goggles available. By having separate goggles you avoid the problem of a hood misting up from your breath. The vacuum packed mask is very small, and a good choice to throw into your briefcase, bag, or emergency kit.

Dictionary of Strategy: Strategic Management A-Z

Louis Kelly and Chris Booth,

Sage Publications ISBN: 0761930736 200 pages $29.95

http://www.sagepublications.com/ 1-800-818-7243 or 1-805-499-9774

We came to appreciate its contents after a week of reading through it bit by bit. We enjoyed reading the brief definitions for terms used in management strategy, and realized how many people really need something like this. It helps the reader translate managerial idioms, phrases, and terminology into the underlying concepts.

The importance of these “translations” became clear when a friend opened the book and began looking for terms in a management memo with which he was unfamiliar. The book allowed him to make of the memo. This is a good reference book for the student of management.

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