Y2K – Next to the last

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Y2K – Next to the last

Earlier this year we discussed global positioning systems, personal computers, and mainframes.

This price of Y2K compliant equipment is increasing by the day. It will go one fire sale Jan 03, 2000 if all is well. Or it will double in price. Just look at the doubling of the cost of memory in the last two months! And they said the earthquake in Taiwan would not have an effect.

Global Positioning Systems: If they were made prior to 1988 you will need a new one.

PC’s: Check the date setup, and switch it to use all four digits of the year, not just 2, Mac’s are Y2K safe but will have problems with Y3K, something about which we, personally are not concerned at this moment….

Mainframes: Some of the cures for programming in the main frames have been to go back to binary code and rebuild the date function in binary code. It may work.

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