Yemen – The Unknown Arabia

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Yemen – The Unknown Arabia

by Tim Macintosh-Smith  ISBN 1-58567-001-4  Published at $35.00 by Overlook.

I was wandering through a used book store in Prescott, Arizona.  We had just finished a project in Yemen and the book title caught my eye.  I purchased the book and started reading the book that night.  What a read it was.  I lost 3 nights in a row to the book and was rewarded each and every night with vivid histories, descriptions of people places and things – almost to point of not just seeing them in one minds eye but smelling these places and feeling the stones of a path underneath my shoe leather.

So this took me to research who this Tim fellow might be and I found I am far from alone in my accolades for this fellow’s writing but in fact he has a broad and wide following (may it grow).  Macintosh-Smith has also produced a series of books on one of my favorite obscure books and adventurers Ibn Battuta’s and recollection titled “The Journey”. To ad to this he also co-wrote a 3 part series with National Geographic called Camels, Courts, and Concubines: The Adventures of Ibn Battutah and The Man Who Walked Around the World.

I urge our readers to visit the web page of the extraordinary gentleman and learn more about a traveler, writer, explorer and a true polymath.  Tim-Macintosh-Smith –

NOTE: We do not just review new books – but those we have enjoyed, no mater their vintage.

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