You need how many knives?

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You need how many knives?

People are often astonished by the amount of stuff we carry about us: Guns, knives, clubs, flashlights, et cetera. The other day someone asked us how many knives we habitually carried. The answer was three. Knives are a very personal choice in the business of personal protection services, and we can only give you our personal choices.

Our most-useful knife is a small knife used for opening packages, cutting strings, and other mundane tasks. While some like Swiss Army knives, we are uncomfortable with blades that do not lock open, and our preference is for the Spyderco LadyBug. The LadyBug has a blade of a bit over an inch, holds a good edge, and, in a color like yellow – or anything other than black – is definitely pocket, or put it on a keychain. non-threatening. You can keep it in your pocket, or on a key chain.

The second knife is a rescue knife, whose main purpose is to break windshields and cut seatbelts after an accident. While rarely used, when you need it you really need it. Our preference is for the Smith & Wesson SW911, which we discussed in the February 2003 issue of ÆGIS. There is a new version of this knife available, the SW911N, which we will discuss soon in another issue.

The third knife is a utility knife. While less-used than our little knife, it is invaluable for larger jobs, and great for cutting steaks if the knife at the restaurant isn’t sharp. While we carry a Mission Knives MPF1-TI, discussed in the July 2006 issue of ÆGIS, this category of knife is REALLY where personal preference comes in. We know many who carry the excellent Smith & Wesson SWHRT, or any of a variety of excellent knives from Spyderco, plus a host of other fine manufacturers.



So what knives do you need? Only you can decide that, but the above three categories should certainly give you a starting place to figure out what you might actually need, and to make appropriate choices.

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