2003 Local Court & County Record Retrievers/ Doing Business in Emerging Markets

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2003 Local Court & County Record Retrievers

BRB Publications ISBN 1-879792-71-0 600 pages $39.95


This book contains profiles of over 2,600 companies, with 250 new companies and 14,000 companies indexed by county of specialty. It is the Who’s Who of the record retrieval industry. It also contains a good description on how to select a professional. As investigators, we have relied on this publication for years. It is easy to use, and gets you to the people with whom you need to speak to get the information you need. The cost is more than offset the first time your staff needs to use the directory.

Doing Business in Emerging Markets

S. Tamer Cavusgil, Pervez N. Ghauri, and Milind R. Agarwal

Sage Publications ISBN 0761913750 330 pages $32.95


We have offices in many countries, some of which are considered to be emerging markets. Some are just horrid markets rife with soft laws, unknown customs, and a favor system of patronage that put South Philly to shame. The book covered almost all of the problems one is likely to encounter, and had excellent recommendations for solving those problems. This book is an excellent primer for developing a framework for a First Worlder, going to a Third World market and trying to survive. The book is not an easy, light, read, but it is well illustrated and well documented, and most useable.

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