Vital Records On the Go

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Vital Records On the Go

Every so often you see a solution that is so simple and easy that you simply slap your head and say, Duhhh.  You have lost you passport or wallet, what do you do? Have you copied all of the contents of the wallet?  Do you have the copies with you, or were they in your wallet?  I saw two great ideas for record retrieval.  One was taking a photo of your key documents with your mobile device.  Thus, if the documents are lost or stolen you can quickly reproduce replicas.  All of your documents should be protected by password or encryption except your World Health Organization Yellow Card.  Your personal information is protected, and can be retrieved by you when and if needed – while your critical information is available to anyone who has access to your mobile device.

The previous solution I liked was storing your encrypted image files on your computer, both for travel and at home.

One word of caution — you must ensure that your personal information is hard to access.  Use password protection, encryption, and a clever location to store sensitive information.I like the ease and simplicity of records stored on a cell phone as wallpaper options.

Typically, when a phone is hacked snoops look for user information, like who you are calling and email – they don’t look at wallpaper.

This, and future Executive Protection articles are written or edited by Baron James Shortt, the Executive Director of the International Bodyguard Association (IBA).

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