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Random Comments on Smart Phones

Random Comments on Smart Phones

If they’re so smart, how come they keep getting lost?  After all, they have trackingtechnology in them — even if it’s just cell tower information …

The iPhone is the market leader, but collectively the Android models are nowoutselling the iPhone.  The Android open source system has facilitated thedeployment of a massive number of malware applications.  To counter these vermina number of anti-virus anti-malware applications have been developed for theandroid.  For the iPhone, only approved apps are allowed for sale (there are a fewunapproved apps, but not many).

Competing with the iPhone and Android is the BlackBerry, form Research In Motion(RIM).  RIM’s CEO and founder Mike Lazaridis is having tantrums when it comes toquestions on encryption, sharing information with world governments, and howtheir new tablet works (or not).  I have to tell you, the linked interview of RIM’s CEOcommunicated to me that they are too insular and do not take questions or criticismvery well – looks like they are ripe for a disruptive innovation to kick their butt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izUG8Zep02s

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