88.54% Sales Tax

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88.54% Sales Tax

I rented a car at the Phoenix Airport from Advantage Rent A Car.  The rental for the car was 2 days – total rental fee $40.86.  When you add, Concession Fee Recover of 11.10% at 5.21, Additional Charges 12.00, County Surcharge of 2.50, Energy Surcharge of 6.02 and a 16.3 tax on 64.09 – a tax on taxes and surcharges and you get a total of 77.04.  An 88.54% percent tax.

Truly stunning and then government wonders why we complain.  I advocate that all prices should be quoted in full including all tax and fees for all hotels, rental cars, etc… This level of taxation and surcharge is making a mockery of the simple sales tax when the tax approach the value of the goods and services.  This is total unacceptable.  I do not blame Advantage – they were very nice, but what crap really.

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