A fool and his money are soon popular

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A fool and his money are soon popular

In the last 6 months we have been approached by people, and companies, who have invested in High Yield Programs. These HYPs are a hype. The total losses we have investigated in the last 6 months are now well over USD 800 million. Clues that you are getting involved in a HYP are the use of words like Money Center Banks, Mid Term Notes, Documentary Letters of Credit, International Chamber of Commerce Bank Debenture Trading, and Trading Cycles Forfeiting Transactions. The idea is to get another Rube into the program so the program can pay off the first investors. This is the very definition of a pyramid or Ponzi Scheme: They are a rip off, a lie, a hoax, and a way to loose a great deal of money quickly without having any fun.

When making an investment in these programs, you will be lured into the wide world of real money and monetary secrecy. You must sign a non- circumvent, non-disclosure agreement (like this scam is a secret fraternity handshake). The reason for the veil of secrecy is… it helps with the hype and sale. And when you try to get your money and go to an attorney or law enforcement to help, well, whoops, you just broke your agreement to keep this program a secret, and thus you forfeit your money. SURPRISE!

We do a lot of work in the Bahamas, and they hate this type of fraud. Their central bank, their police, and their Attorney General’s office all agree that this type of fraud is a crime, that it violates many laws in the Bahamas, and that they will engage in a vigorous prosecution of these crimes. This stuff is a crime. Do your homework first, and call us if you have any questions.

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