Financial Investigations and Forensic Accounting

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Financial Investigations and Forensic Accounting

George A. Manning, CFE, E.A.

CRC Press ISBN: 0-8493-0435-0 488 pages $79.95 1-800-272-7737

I really enjoyed this book. It is NOT an accounting book, but rather a book that thoroughly describes financial crime investigation and documentation. It goes from the beginning of crime recognition and covers such diverse topics as Offshore Money Laundering, Trial Preparation, RICO Net Worth Solutions, Wagering and Gambling, and all sorts of related topics. The topics are each treated in a separate chapter, so you can skip what doesn’t interest you, and very easily focus on what you want to read. It does cover some accounting principals on calculating net worth determinations and cash from un-disclosed sources. This book is a very good tool for training law enforcement professionals engaged in expert testimony, lawyers, judges handling such cases, and any one else who is interested in the topic. A good addition to the library.

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