A Guide to Executive Protection/ Protection Specialist Handbook

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A Guide to Executive Protection

Nick Nicholson

Perpetuity Press, ISBN 1899287 59 0  80 pages

Those in private industry tasked with management and fiscal responsibility for protective services frequently come from the financial, human resources, or legal divisions of a corporation, rather than the security side, and may have relatively little understanding of executive protection. Based on five years of research by a well-respected professional, this 80 page book gives a good breakdown of the tasks needed, and can be used as the basis for structuring a department.

The book is organized around the acronym PROTECT: Plans, Response, Organization, Technical, Emergency, Communications, Threat Assessment. It shows, with flow charts and descriptions, backed by more detailed appendices containing items that might be included in various plans.

This is a good reference for someone wishing to put together a protective services department and needing to know what the people they hire should be doing. It is also a good resource for the working professional, against which existing structure can be checked to make sure that Nicholson hasn’t thought of something you have forgotten.

Executive Protection Specialist Handbook

Jerome Glazebrook and Nick Nicholson

Varro Press, ISBN: 1888644249 95 pages $19.95

1-800-732-3659 or 1-913-385-2034  http://www.varropress.com/

The Executive Protection Specialist Handbook is designed for the practitioner, not the manager. It is a pocket sized spiral notebook of checklists for almost everything the protective specialist is likely to do.

Jerry Glazebrook and Larry Nicholson have a tremendous range of experience, and this has become one of those books which is simply assumed to be in any professional’s possession.

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