Online banking

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Online banking

Internet users should always think twice before responding to e-mail requests for their personal details! Recently, an online bank had the following fraud perpetrated on it.

This is how the scam worked: Bank customers received an e-mail message, supposedly from their bank, saying that some of their details had been lost due to an archive problem.

Because the bank was “serious about security”, it had no spare copies and requested the customer kindly to re-register. A link direct to the bank’s site was provided on the message, to make things easier.The link in fact was to the fraudster’s site, a faithful copy of the bank’s. No fewer than 250,000 customers fell for the scam and unwittingly supplied their bank details to criminals.

Criminals are realizing the potential of the internet as an ideal platform for fraud and theft and are actively recruiting the best computer talent to assist them in their various scams.

Law enforcement’s reaction was less than satisfactory. The leader of the investigation still wasn’t sure how to charge and then enforce the charge made against the fraudsters due to questions of jurisdiction.

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