An interview on HYIP (High Yield Investment Program)

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An interview on HYIP (High Yield Investment Program)

Conversation with a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) program leader Clyde Alan Smyth-Howlett with Robert Clarke.

Robert: So glad to see you here at the Holiday in Malchesadick. I am curious Clyde, how do you start a new HYIP?

Clyde: Investment is the financial art of the possible. The story must be circulated that I and my Special High Yield Investment Trustee are ready to accept a limited amount of new investors. I like the networks of MLM and church groups. The MLMs are too busy trying to make a buck and the church groups have faith. The presentation is a lot like good theater. There are a few things going on stage and a great deal going on behinds the scenes. I have my people in the audience circulating phrases amongst the participants such as “The public really isn’t ready for this level of awareness.” And “Oooo I hope I am not to late and they accept me.” They need to think they have stumbled upon something unique and secret.

Robert: Why all of the secrets?

Clyde: If people stop having secrets they will stop having power. After all – how does that phrase go..ah yes. “Give a man a fish – he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you loose your leverage.”

Robert: What happens after the investors – invest?

Clyde: Investors come and go – that’s what they do. However, you have to get them to panic on the way in. Fear that they may be too late is the needed juice to get the checks and wires flowing. Investors like to panic, they need activity. It’s their substitute for real achievement. Of course when the investors learn of the inevitable problems they are all Aghast. I too am Aghast that they couldn’t see these delays coming. After all they were allowed in to the program because I thought they were sophisticated and worldly.

Robert: How do you explain all of the delays you have to create to throw the jilted investor off the scent, so to speak?

Clyde: Working in the wide world as you do, Robert, you know that with Jews, Moslems, and Christians you can wipe out Friday, Saturday and Sunday as days in which work can be done. With the international date line you can whack off another two days either side of the three wiping out 5 out of 7 days in which you can do work. Toss in other holidays, travel delays, a health scare or two, a government bureaucrat and a few of the current headlines and you can keep it going indefinitely. Also a large committee working with the Special High Yield Investment Trustee is a must. The more professionals the greater the sum of their collective delays.

Robert: Eventually the investors get angry and ask you the – yes or no question. How do you answer that?

Clyde: When asked a yes or know question my response has always been to directly answer the inquisitor. I can give them a yes or no answer so long as they are not asking me to fabricate random generalizations, or crude over simplifications on delicate international financial matters. I than directly ask them “Yes or no is that what you are asking me to do?” The investor usually gives the outboard motor response “but…but…but…but….”

Robert: Truly illuminating…

Clyde: A dim bulb is an easy mark.

Robert: Any closing comments.

Clyde: Yes. A fool and his money are soon popular.

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